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Aussie’s new 6” motor pump
AUSSIE Pumps have announced the intro- duction of a new Aus- sie GMP 6” heavy duty trash pump, designed for effluent and waste- water handling.
ing in this pump is first rate.”
without disconnecting pipework.
The big pump, manu- factured from cast iron, offers flow up to 4160L per minute and it has a capacity to handle compressible solids of 55mm in diameter.
“It’s unusual to see so much water being pro- duced by a pump with such high efficiency levels.
“That’s another good idea that we learnt from our self-priming trash engine pump range,” Mr Hales said.
The big pump will self-prime from a verti- cal lift of 6m and is capable of replacing submersible pumps in applications as diverse as piggeries, sewage sta- tions, abattoirs or any- where wastewater needs to be handled in volume.
Available as options to the standard cast iron impeller are the 316 stainless steel impellors, which are always rec- ommended by Aussie Pumps if the pumped liquid is particularly abrasive.
“All the operator needs to do is fill the pump bowl with water through the priming plug, mak- ing sure the suction line is airtight and suitably submerged.
Close coupled to top quality European elec- tric motors, the pump is a first in a series of electric-drive 6” trash pumps.
The pump’s mechani- cal seals are silicon car- bide with an integrated stainless-steel ware plate as standard equip- ment.
Further information on the new pump range is included in the new Aussie GMP compre- hensive product selec- tion catalogue.
It operates at 1450rpm and is powered by a 11kW four-pole motor.
Best of all, for waste- water applications, the new 6” B6XR-A/ST has a handy front clean-out port that enables the pump bowl to be cleared
For more information or to contact Aussie Pumps or an authorised distributor throughout Australia, visit
Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales said, “The engineer-
“Being able to produce 4160L/m from an 11kW motor means major sav- ings in electricity and is a complement to the pump’s unique impeller design,” Mr Hales said.
The pump also fea- tures a bottom-mounted drain plug.
“Priming is easy,” Mr Hales said.
“Then start the motor.
“The pump requires no further priming aids.
“It’s that simple.”
Aussie Pump’s new 6” trash pump has an appetite for solids in suspension.
Not for the faint at heart – the Cheese and Bacon McSpicy burger features bacon, Aussie jack cheese, chicken patty that's mari- nated and infused with spices, topped mayo and lettuce.
The Cheese and Bacon Deluxe – a chicken patty in a crunchy golden coating, fresh lettuce, juicy toma- toes, creamy aioli sauce, with the addition of bacon and Aussie jack cheese.
Cheese and Bacon McChicken – made with chicken breast in a sea- soned tempura coating, topped with fresh lettuce and the iconic McChicken sauce, all between a sesame seed bun.
McDonald's unveils three new chicken burgers
MCDONALD'S Aus- tralia has delighted din- ers with the launch of three brand new burgers – including a twist on the iconic McChicken.
ited time only.
The cheese and bacon
seasoned tempura coating, topped with lettuce, iconic McChicken sauce, all be- tween a sesame seed bun.
chicken menu, with Mc- Chicken among their fa- vourites.”
The new menu items in- clude the Cheese and Ba- con McSpicy, Cheese and Bacon McChicken and Cheese and Bacon Deluxe.
McSpicy features bacon, Aussie jack cheese, chicken patty that's marinated and infused with spices, topped with mayo and lettuce.
While the cheese and ba- con deluxe comes complete with a chicken patty in a crunchy golden coating, fresh lettuce, juicy toma- toes, creamy aioli sauce and the addition of bacon and jack cheese.
“As part of our commit- ment to giving our custom- ers even more choice, we're excited to introduce a tasty twist on several of our ex- isting chicken burgers via our new cheese and bacon burger range.
The burgers, which all come with a winning combination of rasher ba- con and cheese, are avail- able nationwide for a lim-
The restaurant chain's classic McChicken has been enhanced with ba- con and cheese, along with chicken breast cooked in a
McDonald’s marketing manager Tim Kenward said, “We know how much our customers love our core
“Our new menu items feature100percentAussie RSPCA Approved chicken and 100 percent Aussie produce.”
'Not for the faint at heart... are you up for the spicy challenge?' the de- scription read.
Unique, open system designed with staggered tiers ensures the birds optimum freedom of movement
SKIOLD VMS specialises in the design, sales and installation of world class poultry farms. We supply the latest in equipment from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers for broilers, layers, breeders and rearing. Unique and patented equipment proven for best results and optimal animal welfare. Our systems are designed to be high performance, cost-effective, robust and long lasting.
Tel: 07 55 477 588
Orego-Stim supports up to 13 extra eggs per hen
INCLUSION of Orego- Stim in laying hen diets increased egg produc- tion by 13 eggs per hen.
with Orego-Stim resulted in a return on investment of 5.5:1.
inclusion of Orego-Stim at 450g/t from 15 to 34 weeks, followed by 300g/t of Orego-Stim from 34 weeks until 81 weeks of age.
Orego-Stim is a high quality eubiotic com- prised of 100 percent natural oregano essential oil and can help to sup- port egg production and help hens achieve genetic potential and improved lifetime performance.
A commercial study was conducted using hyline brown hens at a large layer farm in west- ern Europe.
The addition of Orego- Stim in layer diets from the start of laying until end of lay resulted in:
Feeding Orego-Stim in- creased egg size through- out lay and improved persistence of lay, and supplementation of diets
• A 2.2 percent reduc- tion in mortality
All pullets were reared in the same pullet house and transferred to en- riched cage system lay- ing houses at 16 weeks of age.
• 13 more eggs or hen by 81 weeks of age
Two houses of 90,000 hens were fed either a standard diet – the con- trol – or standard plus
• 1.6 percent increase in first class eggs and a re- duced number of seconds
• Increased economic gain with 26.9 percent and 21.6 percent more income from extra-large and large eggs respectively
• An ROI of 5.5:1.
This study demon- strates that Orego-Stim is a cost-effective, natural solution for improving hen performance, reduc- ing the number of sec- ond eggs and increasing egg production without compromising feed effi- ciency, while maintain- ing persistence of lay.
Page 6 – National Poultry Newspaper, May 2021
Results of commercial study using hyline brown hens
at a large layer farm in western Europe.
For more information, visit

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