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This book is available for $39.99 direct from Feather and Bone. It’s all about deli- cious conscientious carnivory from farm to plate and includes a plethora of yummy recipes, all served up with the colourful back stories of their creators.
Not quite put out to pasture at this stage. My pasture-raised roasted chook was a finger-licking feast for one over two days.
Pasture-raised roast
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week ago I bought an-
chicken panned out well
HAVING hinted last month that I’d let you know what I thought of my $37 Ross or Cobb pasture-raised 1.8kg broiler once roasted and partnered with a few veg- gies, here goes.
Partnered with a vegetar- ian, I declare I have slowly been devouring it solo ever since cooking it on Satur- day night, and the last of it will be enjoyed on Monday night.
cious awards have cele- of their work and hope
Well... first things first.
They encourage, show- case and reward Australian producers, build awareness of culinary regions and recognise fresh, seasonal food that is produced sus- tainably with passion and integrity.
The 2021 state win- ners’ produce will go on to be tasted by the na- tional judging panel in May to decide the 2021 gold medal winners, tro- phy winners and special award winners.
As you can see from the picture, it can be a messy business gradually peck- ing away at such a carcass – bad pun intended.
Cant Comment by BRENDON CANT
Across three categories, nine of the producers Feather and Bone repre- sents won this year.
“We'll have all append- ages crossed for a good outcome in the next round,” Laura said.
At $10, this little free range bird was tasty and from memory gave me two good solo meals.
Having said all that, I am still trying to source Sommerlad pasture– raised chickens here in the west, but so far have had no luck.
“We celebrate and give thanks to you all.”
Sommerlad chickens are 100 percent Australian, developed specifically for our farming conditions and selected for the table at 10 and 16 weeks of age – standard supermarket chickens are typically pro- cessed at about five weeks.
“And they judge their successes by increases in biodiversity and soil health rather than the numbers of livestock they sell or how quickly they grow.
I must say I largely share Laura’s sentiments, espe- cially agreeing with her that while we use the land to produce our food, we must at the same time con- stantly and conscientiously repair and improve it.
brated and honoured the best and most innovative producers and produce in Australia.
this public recognition en- courages others to follow suit and take up a more agro-ecological approach to farming.”
It was a big bird made for more than one, that’s for sure.
other frozen chook – this one from my local Wool- worths.
Laura said that with the exception of Bundarra Berkshires, Feather and Bone has worked with all of the winners for years and several for more than a decade.
“Of course, as we say every year, in our view all the producers we represent are winners, whether they collect awards or not.
It so happened that a
I was impressed with this one too.
“Each time we visit them we're struck by how these farms remain regenerative outliers in their commu- nities, doggedly working in respectful partnerships with nature, determined to leave the land more fertile and robust than they found it,” Laura said.
“The real winners are all of us – the retailers and consumers who benefit from the work these farm- ers do to provide us with nutritious, delicious food, and repair and improve the land.
Page 4 – National Poultry Newspaper, May 2021
Since 2005, the Deli-
I was first alerted to them by Laura Dalrymple of Feather and Bone butch- ers in Sydney.
She spruiks them in reg- ular online newsletters and in The Ethical Omnivore: A practical guide and 60 nose-to-tail recipes for sustainable meat eating, the book she co-wrote with life and business partner Grant Hilliard – otherwise and affectionately known as ‘Mr Bone’.
They devote a short chapter titled ‘A chicken revolution’ to the evolution of the Sommerlad compos- ite chickens.
Indeed Grassland Poul- try, the home of Sommer- lad chickens and supplier to Feather and Bone since 2017, has just been an- nounced a NSW state win- ner of the 2021 Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Awards.
The Ethical Omnivore authors and Feather and Bone owners Grant Hilliard and Laura Dalrymple have been hard at it for 15 years, promoting regenerative agri- culture, biodiversity and what they refer to as ethical
meat consumption.
“We really are in awe

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