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China lowers corn and soymeal volumes in poultry feed
NEW feed component guidelines issued by the Chinese govern- ment would see a re- duction in volumes of soy and corn as import quantities and prices continue to rise.
especially wheat.
The ministry indicated
dried grains, palm meal, flax meal, sesame meal and corn processing by- products were soymeal substitutes.
Accelerating what the market had started, China’s Ministry of Ag- riculture and Rural Af- fairs released guidelines on reducing the use of corn and soymeal in hog and poultry feed rations – as alternatives to corn with prices for the grain rising – a measure that could reshape the flow of grains into the world's top corn and soybean buyer.
China consumes about 175 million tonnes of corn in animal feed each year, and that should in- crease as more livestock is raised on intensive farms using industrial feed.
Those included reduc- ing corn by at least 15 percent in pig diets in northeast China by us- ing rice and rice bran, or using sorghum, cassava flour, rice bran meal and barley to replace corn in pig feed in southern China.
China's corn prices surged more than a third in the most recent year following a drop in out- put and state stockpiles.
Greater feed use of wheat, which has more protein than corn, has already cut demand for soymeal.
In several regions, it recommended eliminat- ing soymeal completely and replacing it with othermeals.
The country started importing more corn to compensate for the do- mestic deficit.
The guidelines listed rice, rice bran, barley, sorghum and cassava as good alternatives to corn and noted that cotton- seed meal, peanut meal, sunflower meal, rape- seed meal, distillers’
Given trade restric- tions on DDGs and a lack of major ethanol production within Chi- na, it is an interesting recommendation.
Feed makers have al- ready been switching to cheaper alternatives,
the new guidelines were aimed at improving the use of available materi- als and setting a formula that better suits condi- tions within China.
Feed formulations that differed depend- ing on the region of the country were also suggested and included recommendations that distillers’ dried grains could be used as a re- placement.
The country also im- ports close to 100 mil- lion tonnes of soybeans to crush into soymeal for animals, agriculture ministry data shows.
Guidelines would see a reduction in volumes of soy and corn in China, as import quantities and prices continue to rise.
Zinpro has grown into a leading global animal nutrition solution provider for ruminants, poultry, swine, equine, aquaculture, companion animals and even humans.
Leading animal nutrition company celebrates 50 years of business
ZINPRO Corporation, the leading provider of per- formance trace mineral animal nutrition, is com- memorating 50 years of business with a bold re- brand that represents its passion and commitment for the future – advancing performance together.
leading global animal nutri- tion solution provider for ruminants, poultry, swine, equine, aquaculture, com- panion animals and even humans.
tists, has 11 regional of- fices worldwide and sells its products in more than 70 countries across the globe.
looking for gut health and immunity solutions.
Zinpro president and chief executive officer Rob Shef- fer said, “For the past 50 years, customers have relied on Zinpro to continually develop trace mineral prod- ucts to help improve animal health and performance.”
Zinpro revealed its new brand identity and website to introduce this bolder ap- proach to animal nutrition solutions.
Now, Zinpro is bring- ing this same approach to trace mineral nutrition for people through Mend + Defend, its line of pre- mium nutritional supple- ments designed for people
This discovery – and sub- sequent peer-reviewed re- search across species – was foundational to the com- pany’s hard-fought success and continues to create new, innovative solutions.
“With a new brand iden- tity that reflects our com- prehensive, solutions-based approach, Zinpro is deter- mined to remain the indus- try leader for the next 50 years.
“Fifty years is a remarka- ble achievement,” Mr Shef- fer said.
To learn more about Zin- pro’s animal nutrition so- lutions and how Zinpro is more than minerals, visit
In celebration of this an- niversary milestone, Zinpro invites producers and con- sumers alike to learn more about how trace mineral nutrition improves the lives of both animals and people.
Zinpro’s team of experts helps producers with eve- ryday animal health chal- lenges including lameness prevention and inflamma- tion management, while improving lifetime perfor- mance and productivity.
A key differentiator, Zin- pro’s performance minerals utilise a unique pathway for absorption – the amino acid transporter – allowing for exceptional uptake.
“We are a performance company working side-by- side with our customers and partners to achieve better outcomes for animals and people.”
“From humble begin- nings, Zinpro has grown into the company we are today through scientific discovery to develop our products and continually advance our industry.
Founded in 1971 by Dean Anderson as a small organ- ic trace mineral company, Zinpro has grown into a
“This commitment to proven, tested solutions has helped us build trust with customers across the globe.”
The family-owned com- pany employs a team of world-class animal scien-
Zinpro president and chief executive officer Rob Sheffer.
Melbourne poultry business expands
LOCATED at Mel- bourne city's Queen Victoria Market, NI- FRA Poultry has ex- panded their poultry, game meat, sausage and free range egg offerings to include homemade marinades and spice rubs.
ia’s top RSPCA Ap- proved chicken farm- ers and superior game products from Austral- ian suppliers that hold themselves to the high- est quality standard.
Customers can expect their orders to arrive at their doorstep between 4-7pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.
payment is available. By expanding their product line to include a full range of spice rubs, marinades and sauces, the NIFRA team is happy to help their clients transform everyday meat and poultry preparations into exciting, restaurant
A popular family- owned business for 25 years, the company has its roots in the 1960s when the parents of to- day's NIFRA Poultry owners established a local milk bar in Kens- ington, Melbourne.
Taking their dedica- tion to customer care one step further, NI- FRA Poultry offers evening delivery ser- vices to customers within 10km of Mel- bourne.
Clients can also re- ceive same-day deliv- ery service when or- dering online, provided orders are placed prior to 11am.
Home deliveries are made by the company’s staff.
quality experiences. More information can be found at
Contactless EFTPOS
Imbued with the same entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to supe- rior customer service, Toula and Chris have since carried forth with the family business, transforming it into the popular poultry, game meats, sausage, free range eggs – including quail eggs – marinade and spice establish- ment it has become.
NIFRA Poultry prides itself on sourc- ing the highest quality chickens from Austral-
Melbourne-based supplier of poultry, eggs and game meat, NIFRA Poultry has expanded its product line to include an array of homemade marinades and spices.
Technical Systems Australia or TSA is a leading Australian company dedicated to the supply, installation and service of agricultural equipment to Australian, New Zealand and Paci c markets for poultry (broilers and breeders), layer (free range and barn layer), quail (broiler and breeders), duck (broiler, breeder and layers), turkey (breeder and production), pig, agricultural, farming, aquaculture, horticulture and brewing industries plus many more.
• We pride ourselves on customer service and after sales support
• 86 years combined industry experience
• Full consulting, supply, shipping, installation, manufacturing,
service and repairs
• Repair and maintenance on all equipment and spare parts
• Onsite service and breakdown.
TSA proudly represents Agrotop sheds, the world leader in livestock turnkey packages and design in the region. We offer a free quote on all turnkey projects. We design each shed to the customer’s needs. Finance options available.
86 Beerburrum-Donnybrook Rd Donnybrook QLD 4511
(07) 5429 2028
0424 413 484 - 0488 007 583
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