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Attendees of PowerTrip 2018.
Supporting our young rural women to reach their leadership potential
THE Department of Agriculture and Water Resources was pleased to be able to support 18 young rural women to attend the Country to Canberra ‘Power Trip’ leadership program re- cently.
Deputy secretary Ms Cindy Briscoe said the program connected young women with in- fluential leaders and mentors and helped them gain leadership skills to take back to their communities.
“Country to Canberra has empowered young rural women for the past four years, providing ed- ucation, leadership and mentoring opportunities to regional, rural and re- mote teenage girls,” Ms Briscoe said.
“Supporting Country to Canberra is pivotal to providing rich oppor- tunities for young rural women to connect with industry and govern- ment during a critical
stage of their education. “This is the second year the department has supported this program for these young women to promote issues af- fecting youth, education, rural communities and primary industries to the
AustralianGovernment. “We recognise some of the barriers these young women experience, from distance to time and funding, which can create significant chal- lenges for these students
from education to career opportunities.
“We wish the winners all the best during their time in Canberra and look forward to building key partnerships with them in the near future.”
The Department of Agriculture and Wa- ter Resources provided more than $11,000 to- wards the program this year.
For more information, visit countrytocanberra.
Focused networking under way at Country to Canberra 2018. Photo: Alexandra Gartmann
Engaging with educators and eating insects
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so the Moo Baa Munch agricultural event in Too- woomba.
This event is very well organised and provides an opportunity for all school levels to engage with the broader agricul- tural industry.
This event enabled us to team up with farmers and representatives from both chicken meat and eggs and the Queensland De- partment of Agriculture.
We had great feedback from teachers and stu- dents who enjoyed the activities we had on offer.
We also enjoyed some curly questions like “why is a chicken naked?” and “how does an egg get fer- tilised?”
Of course, we referred those questions back to the teachers!
Finally, last month I at- tended the National Pri- mary Industries Animal Welfare RD&E Forum at Melbourne University.
This annual meeting provides a snapshot of welfare research happen- ing across all agricultural industries.
There were presenta- tions on a wide array of
welfare concerns, but what struck me most was a talk given by a pork producer.
This presentation de- scribed how the producer has integrated some great science to overcome wel- fare concerns and how the business intends to approach science and welfare in the future.
This talk highlighted improving welfare as an ‘opportunity’ rather than an issue that needs to be dealt with.
This positive attitude is one to be commend- ed and a viewpoint that
would help our industry face many of our current welfare challenges.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a great festive season and a happy new year.
We at Poultry Hub Aus- tralia have had a great year and look forward to next year and the many exciting programs we have kicking off such as ‘meet the farmer’.
If you would like to get involved or have any ideas to share with us, please contact us at poul
Black soldier fly larvae.
transportation from farm and processing services for spent birds from New South Wales, Southern Queensland and Victoria.
Jason Graham 0428 149 704 @manildra
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