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Gorman-Rupp selected at Southern Meats
SOUTHERN Meats Pty Ltd is a hi-tech sheep and lamb processing fa- cility strategically locat- ed just south of Sydney where the business has access to sheep grown in the healthy environ- ment of NSW’s South- ern Highlands region.
The company provides quality meat to the local market and export around the world thanks to high- tech automated equip- ment in slaughtering, boning, chilling, freezing and rendering facilities.
In line with a quality approach to processing, the plant did not want its operators spending needless time attending to unreliable equipment in wastewater treatment systems.
So when the team went looking for a dependable and reliable wastewater pump to deliver 50lp/s- plus to the treatment area, they looked no further than Gorman-Rupp.
Gorman-Rupp is the world leader in self-prim- ing pump technology, particularly in wastewa- ter pumping applications.
Being able to mount the pump at ground level (and not in the wet well)
means the pumps are saf- er and more conveniently accessed by operators.
Additional safety fea- tures built into the pump are designed to protect operators and the pump from damage.
By using self-priming pumps, asset owners don’t need to buy rated lifting chains or have the yearly burden of inspec- tion or replacement as they would if using sub- mersible pumps.
And because wet well lids remain closed, the need to have fall protec- tion equipment such as anchorage points, body support, connectors and descent/rescue equipment is greatly reduced (some of these items requiring annual trips back to the manufacturer for service/ inspection).
Plant engineer Mick Speering is very pleased with his purchase and happy to recommend Gorman-Rupp pumps to anyone wanting a quality wastewater pump.
More information on Gorman-Rupp pumps can be obtained from Hy- dro Innovations at info@ or au
QFF renews calls to remove stamp duty
THE Queensland Farm- ers’ Federation has re- newed calls to remove stamp duty on agri- cultural insurance in Queensland after the South Australian Gov- ernment passed legis- lation to remove stamp duty on multi-peril crop insurance policies.
QFF president Stuart Armitage said Queens- land agriculture was call- ing on the government to complete the much-await- ed review into the issue and deliver the same sen- sible reform to help devel- op Queensland’s imma- ture market by enabling more affordable insurance options for farmers in the state.
“The Victorian, NSW and South Australian gov- ernments have removed this inefficient tax, while our government continues to collect 9 percent on the insurance premium and the GST,” Mr Armitage said.
climate projections sug- gesting more frequent extreme weather events, farmers are looking to better understand, develop and adopt risk manage- ment strategies to manage uncertainty, spread risk and maintain business vi- ability.
“Practical and afford- able insurance options could help mitigate the fi- nancial impact of extreme weather events on farm businesses and remove some of the burden that falls to government.
“Due to the limited availability and uptake of crop insurance in Queens- land, the loss in tax rev- enue is minimal, but the potential returns of devel- oping the nascent insur- ance market in Queens- land could be substantial.
“QFF and our members have been advocating for the removal of this tax for some years.
“It makes sense and en- couragingly, we are seeing a recognition of that by other state governments.”
“With Queensland the most disaster-impacted state in Australia and
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