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What’s on the horizon for Egg Farmers of Australia
Poultry Industry Calendar of Events
NOV 4-5 – Poultry Xpo, Stratford, Canada
FEB 9-10 – Australian Poultry Science Symposium, University of Sydney, NSW
APR 11-13 – Poultry Information Exchange/Australasian Milling Conference (PIX/AMC), Gold Coast, QLD
JUN 21-23 – European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat and XIX European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products, Krakow, Poland
AUG 8-12 – World Poultry Congress, Paris, France www.wpcparis2020. com
AUG 16-18 – World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) – Cambridge UK
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07 3286 1833
EGG Farmers of Aus- tralia is the voice of Aus- tralian egg farmers.
Egg Farmers of Australia has used to discuss hen welfare, biosecurity and food safety issues with our stakeholders.
tension of its members and undertake the advocacy re- quired, so you can get on with doing what you love – producing eggs.
The industry develop- ment organisation advo- cates key policy issues affecting the egg industry and promotes egg produc- tion by providing trans- parent information.
Issues relating to the on- selling of spent hens and harmonisation of legisla- tion impacting producers across the states must be addressed.
Egg Farmers of Austral- ia has always been keen to improve the way in which it engages with members and welcomes feedback from members, including the use of Zoom video communication technolo- gies in the current envi- ronment.
Egg Farmers of Austral- ia engages with produc- ers, develops strategies through both written and oral communication, and articulates its position to stakeholders and the gen- eral public.
has assisted with our newsletter and media tasks.
ment and this includes ag- riculture, health and food authorities federally and across states.
COVID-19 and impacts such as avian influenza and salmonella enteritidis will continue to challenge industry.
Over the past year, online meetings were held in order to provide the opportunity for feedback from mem- bers, particularly in rela- tion the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines submission to the panel, and in order for Egg Farmers of Australia to provide feedback from the meeting with panel members.
The progression of the Australian Animal Wel- fare Standards and Guide- lines will continue to be core work of the organi- sation.
Since the re-launch of the organisation in 2019, Egg Farmers of Australia has increased capacity from a part-time admin- istration officer position to a full-time administra- tion and engagement of- ficer role.
Through closer working relationships, increased work on regulatory and legislative change will be possible.
Egg Farmers of Austral- ia is committed to work- ing with Animal Health Australia to ensure activi- ties on behalf of Austral- ian Eggs progress the in- dustry.
Each member of the Egg Farmers of Australia Board brings skills and experience to support the task of increasing the body of information avail- able pertaining to egg production, and therefore ensures egg production continues.
Strategic Priority 1 will be achieved by continual engagement with govern- ment including ministers, ministerial advisers, de- partment officials and food authority staff. Strategic Priority 2
This includes discus- sions on the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement.
With the Egg Farmers of Australia AGM meeting to be held on November 5, all Board directors and staff should be thanked for their contribution over the past 12 months – Bede Burke - chair and NSW director, John Coward - deputy chair, company secretary and Queensland director, Dion Andary - treasurer, South Australia and Tasmania director, Ian Wilson – Western Australia director, Tony Nesci - Victoria director and Kylie Jackson - ad- ministration and engage- ment officer, along with Christopher Lawson who
• Biosecurity and
food with
Egg Farmers of Aus- tralia will continue to support the work being undertaken on traceability and advocate for changes in our industry.
Egg Farmers of Austral- ia attend Animal Health Australia and Food Au- thority meetings in order to have input into the de- velopment of and plan- ning as it relates to bios- ecurity and food safety. Strategic Priority 3
The AGM is another op- portunity for members to be involved.
Egg Farmers of Aus- tralia Strategic Plan 2020- 2022 focuses on three strategic priorities:
Strategic Priority 2 will be achieved through en- gagement with Australian Eggs, Animal Health Aus- tralia, government depart- ments and most impor- tantly our members.
The AGM meeting in November will allow for a presentation on the work that has been undertaken by Egg Farmers of Aus- tralia post the 2019 AGM.
• Engagement with gov- ernment and decision
Biosecurity and food safety
• Engagement
Mailchimp newsletters, updates and specific bios- ecurity information per- taining to avian influenza, salmonella enteritidis and Animal Health Austral- ia tasks are provided to members regularly and contain the latest infor- mation regarding egg in- dustry issues.
Strategic Priority 1
Engagement with gov- ernment and decision makers to ensure better regulatory and legislative outcomes
Egg Farmers of Aus- tralia and Australian Eggs agree that protecting consumers and industry through biosecurity sys- tems to ensure consistent- ly safe eggs is a priority.
Engagement with mem- bers
In the past year, Egg Farmers of Australia has worked hard to engage with decision makers, particularly in relation to the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines.
Australian Eggs is en- gaged in on-farm research and innovation, with a fo- cus on consumption and public engagement.
Engagement and col- laboration are the only ways to progress the egg industry.
Two surveys have also been undertaken over the past 12 months.
Egg Farmers of Aus- tralia will foster a closer relationship with govern-
The sustainability framework has been an important document that
The Egg Farmers of Aus- tralia Board of directors and staff are simply an ex-
Our members are of crucial importance to the organisation.
I look forward to see- ing members at the AGM meeting on November 5.
Whether it’s from the breeder farm to the processing plant or free range run to the carton, our national team has the technical expertise, market intelligence and industry contacts to assist you in making the most of your property decisions.
Talk to us today
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Valuations & Advisory 0488 553 988
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to send in letters to be published in NPN, outlining any concerns
or issues they may have with the industry.
This is an open forum where you can cover any topic, whether for or against an issue.
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