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Backyard poultry and biosecurity
High-pressure effluent pumps
KEEPING backyard poultry is a popular and productive hobby for many Australians.
drink the same water as you — town, bore or tank water, so keep them away from potentially contami- nated water sources such as streams, dams, ponds and even puddles
and after handling, and visitors should cover their footwear before handling birds
TRASH pumps and
semi-trash pumps used
for handling effluent
are traditionally low
pressure because of the
design of the impeller. Aussie Pumps chief
electric 415v, 50Hz mo- tor – the pump is no lightweight, weighing in at 275kg and mounted on a steel base.
pumps to the market. “We know there’s a gap in the market and that a no-nonsense heavy-duty cast-iron pump such as this – with its unique capacity – has huge application,” Mr
If you keep a few chick- ens at home, maintaining good biosecurity prac- tices will help to pro- tect your birds and your family’s health as well as Australia’s agriculture industry.
• Feed your birds good quality feed from a repu- table feed-mill
• If you are selling or giving away eggs, use new cartons if possible or keep reused cartons clean and away from birds
ical seals and a cast- iron wear plate, and the pump has an inspection door built into the front of the unit.
“These units were designed for operators in piggeries, saleyards, dairy farms and chicken feeding establishments,” Mr Hales said.
By following these sim- ple steps, you can help to keep your birds healthy and help to prevent out- breaks of avian influenza and other bird diseases:
• Keep records of where you buy poultry from and if possible, their vaccina- tion history
Outbreaks of avian in- fluenza and other bird related diseases are un- common, but it is impor- tant to be aware of the signs, and early detection and reporting may help to prevent a large-scale outbreak.
The downside of these pumps has been the limited heads delivered often top out at around 20m.
“We know customers want to not only pump the liquid but often to pump it a fair distance from the yard – to a holding pond or some form of irrigation.”
316 versions are also available for getting rid of wash-down wastewa- ter, often heavily laden with caustics.
• Regularly clean your chicken coop includ- ing feeders, drinkers and equipment
• Keep records of who you sell birds or eggs to, as this information is use- ful for disease tracing
Aussie Pumps has de- signed a new high-pres- sure semi-trash pump with truly amazing per- formance.
With a maximum flow of 1200 litres per min- ute, the pump’s perfor- mance is exceptional.
Aussie Pumps intends to bring a wide range of high-pressure semi-trash
For further informa- tion, including free com- prehensive catalogues, contact an Aussie Pumps distributor or visit aussie
• Frequently replace nesting materials
• If you attend bird shows, do not allow your birds to mix directly with others, and then keep them separate from the rest of your flock for 14 days when you return home
Poultry farmers, back- yard flock and bird own- ers are urged to report any cases of unexplained bird deaths to the 24-hour Emergency Animal Dis- ease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888, to your lo- cal vet or to your relevant state government depart- ment.
An addition to the Aussie Pumps GMP semi-trash pump range, the pump combines the ability to handle solids in suspension with a maximum head of 80m.
A major advantage is the ability to self-prime through a vertical lift of 6m, allowing it to pump from the pit and then distribute liquid effluent at pressure.
• Always wash your hands with warm water and soap after handling birds, eggs or other mate- rials in the coop
The pump is self- priming and in mono- bloc execution, with a multi-blade open impel- ler.
The pump can han- dle a maximum liquid temperature of 70C and its 3” ports ensure solid-laden liquid moves through easily.
• Try to avoid contact between chickens and wild birds, rodents or pets
• Minimise visitor con- tact with your birds – if visitors need to handle your birds make sure they wash their hands with warm soapy water before
• Keep your bird feed and water clean of any droppings or animal waste
• Keep new birds sepa- rate from your existing flock for 14 days after they arrive on your prop- erty
• Know the signs of disease and immediately report large or unusual numbers of dead or sick birds to your vet.
Impellers have a rea- sonably small diameter with high veins allow- ing the passing of large solids in suspension.
engineer John Hales said: “It’s the inspec- tion door that allows clean-up of the impeller chamber without dis- mantling pipework or hoses, and we designed the impeller so it would pass spherical solids up to 19mm in diameter.”
Hales said.
Stainless steel Grade
High-pressure and effluent handling? The new Aussie Pumps high-pressure semi-trash pump does the trick.
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• Your birds should
It is fitted with special silicon carbide mechan-
Driven by a large high- quality European 22kW
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