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Australian Eggs ambassador cook, writer and television presenter Adam Liaw.
Celebrate World Egg Day
Ideas Exchange a cracking event
THIS year due to the pandemic, Poultry Hub Australia’s Ideas Exchange Conference was held as a virtual event.
though it was also the longest” and “Congrat- ulations on putting such a fantastic program to- gether – I believe the day went very well and beyond expectations.”
The day began with a quote “Life changes very quickly, in a very posi- tive way, if you let it.”
While I am overjoyed that the event went well and we received great feedback, I look forward to running the event in person next year in Melbourne.
I wanted to highlight that while we are facing new challenges in 2020, the opportunity exists to turn every challenge into a positive.
markers of intestinal inflammation, new monitoring techniques for pathogens, a new as- say to detect spotty liver disease and testing the cross protection of an s. enteritidis vaccine.
commercial ducks.
The event was deemed a success with over 80 participants and 15 pre-
Finally, I would like to mention that we have a host of new programs open, including a range of new scholarship op- portunities available.
Following this mes- sage, I gave an overview of Poultry Hub Austral- ia’s achievements over the last financial year, highlighting our suc- cesses and looking to our future challenges.
In the hours and days
While preparing the overview, I reflected on our key triumphs, in- cluding a host of new industry members, three new staff mem- bers, increased invest- ment in our three key areas of research, edu- cation and training, and several successful im- portant grants.
The final session fo- cused on welfare, and featured research that explored attitudes to hen welfare, poultry eu- thanasia practices and impacts of water pro- vision via misters for
If you are interested to know more, head to our website poultryhub. org or contact us at au
following the event, we received many emails of support and congrat- ulations including com- ments such as: “With the current COVID cli- mate, I have sat through a lot of ‘webinars’, how- ever I think this was easily the best, even
Dr Kylie Hewson, one of the presenters at Poultry Hub Australia’s Ideas Exchange Conference 2020.
Dr Peter Groves gave an outstanding update on his project during the third session of the event.
It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to share all of this great news with the PHA commu- nity, and it really mo- tivates me to strive to build PHA to be bigger and better next year!
The conference was split into four sessions each with three or four presenters.
The first two sessions were filled with a pleth- ora of nutrition-based research talks.
From insects to cal- cium, there were many key nutritional scien- tists who shared their research and key take home messages.
Session three focused on health and disease.
In this session, re- searchers shared insights into potential new bio-
THIS year World Egg Day falls on Friday Oc- tober 9 and Australian Eggs Limited has hatched a plan to celebrate.
Eggs have inspired some eggs-ceptional savoury and sweet dishes across the globe, and so, to celebrate the joy of eggs from around the world, we are sharing creative ways eggs can be worked into every meal.
and quality of egg dishes on Australia’s food scene. As this year is unlike
World Egg Day is a great opportunity for Austral- ians to be reminded about the nutritious, delicious, affordable and sustainable staple that is the humble egg.
any experienced before, more Australians are eat- ing at home.
Each year, as part of World Egg Day, the Egg- sellence Awards are held to celebrate the diversity
So, in collaboration with acclaimed cook Adam Liaw, we’ve put together a dozen egg recipes in- spired from every world cuisine, and we’re ask- ing you to help us crown Australia’s favourite – and have a go at cooking these egg-citing dishes at home!
Visit au and you’ll find all the recipes and cooking vid- eos, with plenty of tips on how you can cook them at home, as well as cast your vote via link.
To easily recreate Ad- am’s World Egg Day recipe collection at home, download the free interac- tive e-book for the com- plete recipe instructions and helpful hints.
Happy World Egg Day!
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