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The Popes are extremely proud of how the farm looks and operates today.
Four good reasons to choose Farmer Rod's free range eggs
Poultry Hub peruses research proposals
THIS month I, along with our fantastic in- dustry committee, had the pleasure of review- ing 13 preliminary pro- posals for our open call for research.
with great experience in agricultural education and a passion for attract- ing young people into agricultural endeavours.
In this round, we wel- comed a number of new research groups togeth- er with several exciting ideas.
This month, she ran her first poultry-themed science experiments!
After careful delibera- tion and discussion, a total of seven projects have now been invited to submit a full research proposal.
It was great to see him on the job and to chat with him, and discuss how much he has learnt through this hands-on opportunity.
collecting and analysing data to identify trends that can improve pro- ductivity and highlight potential issues.
Students from a num- ber of local high schools participated in an egg- quality experiment – measuring and weighing eggs to determine their quality and freshness.
Also, this month I was able to finally start trav- elling again and man- aged to get to Victoria and visit one of our in- dustry interns.
Matthew couldn’t be happier with his new role and the opportuni- ties he has been given during his internship, as he completes a number of different rotations in diverse parts of the com- pany.
As one of PHA’s first interns, Matthew’s placement has certainly proven to be successful.
Following that, they also created their own poultry feed by grind- ing raw ingredients in a mortar and pestle then placing them into rub- ber moulds to simulate pelleting of feed.
Matthew Hilliar, for al- most two years now, has been working as a Poul- try Hub Australia intern for Turosi Food Solutions Group, since completing his PhD at the University of New England.
If you are interested in finding out more about our intern program, get in touch at poultryhub@
The students were en- gaged, and the experi- ence provided them with an opportunity to ask questions about the in- dustry.
He has been able to apply his scientific ex- pertise in many parts of the business through
I will also take this opportunity to welcome our new education of- ficer, Carissa Anderson.
Congratulations Caris- sa on a well-run event.
Carissa comes to us
Matthew Hilliar has been working as a Poultry Hub Australia intern for Turosi Food Solutions Group for almost two years now.
Carissa Anderson demonstrating to a high school student the internal workings of an egg.
HAVE you ever found yourself standing in the egg aisle at the su- permarket wondering which would be best for animal welfare?
RSPCA Approved cer- tification means animals are raised to detailed animal welfare stand- ards, with the farm un- dergoing regular visits by trained RSPCA asses- sors to check standards are met.
fied by one of the most reputable and recognis- able organisations in Australia.”
If you prefer eggs to have come from a farm where hens have space to move around freely to scratch, perch, dust bathe and peck – then RSPCA Approved certification is a must have.
RSPCA Approved farms have lower stock- ing densities than those required by law, both in- side and outside the barn.
The good news for ACT and NSW shop- pers, Farmer Rod’s Free Range Eggs are RSPCA Approved and are avail- able in more stores near you.
It is also easier for them to move away from and avoid aggressive birds.
Farmer Rod’s eggs are worth including as part of your weekly shop, being certified by the RSPCA for good animal welfare because gaining RSPCA Approved certi- fication is not easy.
Rodney Pope said, “We are extremely proud of how the farm looks and operates today.”
Each morning, large barn doors open and the hens wander to forage, scratch, peck and flick dust into their feathers to keep clean and free from bugs.
The process takes time and is meticulous and rigorous.
“Being RSPCA Ap- proved gives our custom- ers the confidence they are buying free-range eggs with the highest welfare standards certi-
With trees and shrubs offering shade and pro- tection from the weather
It took the Pope family over 12 months to join the scheme, and involved a huge effort and com- plete transformation of their Farmer Rod’s Free Range Eggs farm.
This means more space for egg-laying hens to so- cialise, stretch, run and flap their wings.
Though now their farm is independently certi- fied against a detailed set of standards that are backed by animal wel- fare science.
On Farmer Rod’s farm there are a maximum of 1500 hens per hectare – more space per bird for foraging and scratching.
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