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DavidTinworth with wife Sue.
Tinworth worthy recipient of Australian Poultry Award 2019
Manic month for Poultry Hub Australia
POULTRY Hub Aus- tralia has been busy with all sectors of our organisation.
Our training is still progressing well, with a new set of young peo- ple being employed in the industry last month.
We also showed off our fantastic education- al resource, the virtual chicken, at the AgriFu- tures EvokeAg confer- ence in Melbourne.
Finally, our open call for research projects closed on March 1 and we had an overwhelm- ing response!
The industry com- mittee members who review all projects submitted to PHA will have their work cut out this year!
Last month we attend- ed the Australian Poul- try Science Symposium in Sydney.
This meeting has been running for over 30 years and is a fantas- tic opportunity to learn and engage with many brilliant poultry scien- tists from both Austral- ia and abroad.
It was a great oppor- tunity to catch up with colleagues and discuss cutting-edge science.
As part of the Chook Chat Shack (Poultry Hub Australia, AgriFu- tures Chicken Meat and Australian Eggs), we hosted the poster ses- sion and ran our second mentor speed dating event.
Like last year, the mentor event was a hit.
The aim of the ses- sion was to connect early career research- ers (within five years of completing PhD or exceptional circum- stances) working in an Australian university or research institute with active members of the Australian poultry in- dustry.
By improving the dialogue between re- searchers and industry, there will be a greater opportunity for indus- try relevant research, thus increasing the chance of success for researchers and the im- pact on industry.
Thanks to Dr Amy Moss for facilitating the event.
Only last year Dr Moss was a mentee and now following such great advice she has moved onto facilitating the whole event!
During APSS 2020, PHA had the pleasure of awarding the third Mingan Choct Award to Mr Peter Crystal from Sydney Univer- sity.
His paper was clearly presented and caught
the eye of the judges. Peter presented two papers but won the award for his presen- tation entitled ‘Growth performance of broiler chickens offered maize versus wheat-based,
reduced crude protein diets’.
It was a very tight contest this year, with only one mark separat- ing first and second.
Well done, Peter!
Poultry Hub Australia has a suite of new initi- atives to offer this year, including travel grants and a host of opportuni- ties for career develop- ment.
Keep an eye out on our website poultryhub. org or subscribe to our eChook newsletter.
If you would like to get involved or have any ideas to share, please contact us at poultry
Mr Peter Crystal was the winner of the Mingan Choct Award for best postgraduate presentation at APSS 2020.
Key industry figures were happy to share their knowledge and wisdom with mentees at the mentor speed dating event.
IN 1978, David Tinworth graduated from the NSW Institute of Technology (now UTS) with a Bach- elor of Applied Science, majoring in Microbiology and Biochemistry, while working in human pathol- ogy at Douglass Labora- tories.
He completed a Masters of Business Administra- tion at Macquarie Univer- sity in 1983 and was con- ferred an Honorary Doc- tor of Applied Science by RMIT in 2008.
As Biotechnology Re- search Manager at Wal- lace International, in 1985 David initiated a commer- cial research project with Kevin Whithear at the University of Melbourne to produce a live MG vac- cine (Ts-11).
He subsequently formed his own company, Bio- properties, in 1989 to bring the MG Ts-11 vac- cine to commercial real- ity.
In 2019, Bioproperties celebrated its 30-year an- niversary, and its flagship innovative products, Vax- safe MG and MS, have allowed poultry industries in Australia and world- wide to drastically reduce antibiotic use.
David recognised the Australian market for bio- logicals was too small to support the necessary re- search spending and give a return on investment without the possibility of export.
With this in mind, he travelled to international poultry industry and sci- entific meetings and net- worked extensively, which led to early licensing deals and registration of MG Ts- 11 in Japan, the US, South America, Europe, China and South Africa.
David established Aus- tralia’s largest live vac- cine manufacturing facili- ties, which supply critical live vaccines to the local poultry industry and more than 70 countries.
He runs the only specif- ic-pathogen-free chicken operation in Australia, critical to biosecurity operations and vaccine manufacture.
In response to the mass- ive losses resulting from Marek’s disease, David imported a low-passage Rispens masterseed of known efficacy as well as the skilled people and technology to campaign manufacture of the vac- cine.
He did this in the CSL influenza manufacturing labs in the off season.
In the largest field trial ever undertaken in Aus- tralia, he ‘saved’ the Aus- tralian poultry industries as the effectiveness of this approach became appar- ent.
The initial success al- lowed for rapid growth of Bioproperties and funding of further research and development opportuni- ties such as salmonella,
pasturella, Newcastle dis- ease, infectious bronchi- tis, infectious laryngotra- cheitis and eimeria.
Bioproperties was founding commercial partner of the Australian Poultry CRC and devel- oped live vaccines for pasteurella, salmonella, NetB technology and coccidiosis – all aids to decreasing antibiotic de- pendence of intensive ani- mal industries.
David and Bioproper- ties continue to provide support for research in developing antigens and vaccines across a broad range of institutions in Australia.
Currently, Bioproperties has six major research projects at six institutions.
Bioproperties and asso- ciated entities have about 170 employees across Victoria and NSW.
David is noted for his lateral thinking, problem- solving capacity, persis- tence and enthusiastic optimism.
He has achieved a great deal for the world’s poul- try industries and has seen numerous projects through from creative sci- entific idea to commercial application, which is a unique skill.
He is a most worthy re- cipient of the Australian Poultry Award 2019.
Dr Juliet Roberts WPSA Australian Branch President
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