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The author only shells out for real eggs. Nothing else is welcome at his table.
No compromise there.
“Food in India is deeply rooted in tradition, cul- ture and community, and a plant-based meat prod- uct might actually turn off a lot of flexitarians and vegetarians.
However, from all the plant-based food catego- ries, eggs have easily seen the highest dollar value sales growth over the past three years, with a mas- sive 228.2 percent
Unwanted scramble for plant-based eggs
Cant Comment by BRENDON CANT
WHILE I always turn my nose up at scram- bled eggs and omelettes made with powdered or dehydrated eggs, typi- cally those served at the breakfast smorgasbord in conference hosting hotels, I was gobsmacked to learn recently of 100 percent plant-based liq- uid eggs.
vegetarian communities, a company known as EVO Foods is apparently on a mission to bring the plant- based revolution to India, with the country’s first 100 percent plant-based liquid egg.
sources to create a sus- tainable yet delicious evolved egg replica with- out cholesterol, antibiot- ics or any animal cruelty, according to its founders.
I’m a fresh egg man, whether they be fried, scrambled, poached or hard boiled.
According to SPINS data, US retail sales for plant-based eggs grew from $A3.91 million to $A13.04 million last year.
When Inside FMCG, an excellent Australian pub- lished magazine cover- ing fast moving consumer goods, cooked up an in- teresting article headlined ‘Beyond the meat: what’s driving the next plant- based foods boom’, I quick- ly cracked onto the egg bit.
front that of all the animal proteins, none are more versatile, functional and universal than eggs.
“We believe eggs are the best gateway products to introduce Indian consum- ers to plant-based foods because eggs represent a grey area in the vegetar- ian and non-vegetarian debate in India.”
Impressive compared to the plant-based meat category, which only saw 37.8 percent growth for the same period.
EVO Foods co-founder Shraddha Bhansali had this to say, “We at EVO see plant-based eggs start- ing the whole plant-based foods market for India.”
Ultimately, plant-based eggs are still a very new market.
w y onto the author’s plate.
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The author Allen Zelden is founder of Intrinity Global, which assists plant- based companies to scale up and grow through in- creased sales, raised funds and access to global net- works and manufacturing.
Unsurprisingly, he also felt that the plant-based egg category was a mas- sive global opportunity, with so few egg alterna- tives on the market.
As Indian consum- ers become increasingly aware of global trends, food is the most socially complex category.
With pricing considered a foundational acceptance factor in guiding consum- er food choices, interna- tional expansion is very much on EVO’s roadmap.
Zelden admitted up-
India is considered to have the world’s largest vegetarian population and as eggs are conten- tiously accepted by many
Though India has the lowest global meat con- sumption, conversely it will shortly overtake the US as the second largest egg-producing market.
“In the US currently the average price of plant- based eggs is 184 percent higher than the price of animal-based eggs.”
With an intimate under- standing of the challenges and opportunities in their region, Bhansali and co-founder Kartik Dixit created a ‘clean’ protein alternative for India’s tra- ditional egg market.
“This is where EVO can capitalise on the demand by providing high qual- ity and affordable plant- based eggs,” Bhansali said.
As for me, fresh eggs will always be on my plate and I’ll never be scram- bling for alternatives.
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Only real eggs make their
EVO’s liquid egg uses advanced plant biochem- istry and food science to extract proteins from legumes and other plant
With fresh eggs contain- ing more than 10 vita- mins and minerals and the highest quality protein on the planet, what more could a man want!
Stockyard Industries expands its sales team
STOCKYARD Indus- tries is expanding its team and would like to welcome Roby Parker as the new territory sales representative for Queensland and north- ern NSW.
Stockyard Industries welcome Roby Parker as its new territory sales representative for Queensland and northern NSW.
Roby has been in the agricultural industry all his life, with more than eight years experience in sales.
Test Datamars, cattle and sheep live export, and grain farming on various properties.
He has travelled around Australia in roles with Elders, Tru-
Roby is passionate about the success of all agricultural business and looks forward to focussing his abilities on the pig and poultry sectors.
Page 4 – National Poultry Newspaper, February 2021
Roby will be based in Clifton and will work alongside current re- gional manager Joe Ol- iveira, servicing both the pig and poultry in- dustries.
Roby’s initial focus will be on assisting cus- tomers with consum- able product needs and, on gaining subsequent knowledge and experi- ence, will be capable of supporting all project and technical require- ments.
Roby looks forward to meeting Stockyard cus- tomers in person and growing our respective businesses together.
He can be contacted on 0437 859 421 or roby@ stockyardindustries. com

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