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AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program supports Nuffield Scholarship to enhance ongoing animal welfare
Farm to Fork hosts Courtney Roulston, Michael Weldon and Sarah Todd. Rabobank partners with Network 10 Farm to Fork cooking show
AGRIBUSINESS banking specialist Rabobank has an- nounced it is partner- ing with Network 10 cooking show Farm to Fork.
Rabobank head of marketing Kate Holden said the Farm to Fork show was an excellent fit with Rabobank’s purpose.
ness of the farm to fork journey.”
The bank, a global specialist in food and agribusiness and one of the leading providers of financial services to Australian agriculture, has joined with Net- work 10 and Farm to Fork’s producers Dual Entertainment as a partner in season two of the television program.
“As an agribusiness bank, we are commit- ted to promoting the importance of the ag- riculture industry and growing Australians’ understanding of where their food comes from,” Ms Holden said.
The 90-episode sec- ond series is hosted by celebrity chefs Mi- chael Weldon, Court- ney Roulston and Sa- rah Todd and features a number of Australian farmers sharing stories of their produce and how it is grown.
The nationally aired show aims to help in- form Australians how to eat and live well, inspiring viewers to not only cook at home but also have a better appreciation of where and how their food is grown.
“Australians have a strongly growing inter- est in the source and provenance of their food and Farm to Fork is a perfect vehicle to showcase the excellent produce our local farm sector grows.
The program will focus on educating Australians about the journey from ‘farm to fork’, while showcasing 270 fresh and healthy recipes.
“We want to be in- volved in telling farm- ers’ amazing stories in both rural and urban ar- eas and raising aware-
Farm to Fork airs Monday to Friday on Channel 10 at 4pm, with repeat broadcasts on Saturday and Sun- day, and is also avail- able on demand via
KELLY McTavish has worked in the Australian chicken meat industry for more than 20 years and is passionate about animals and enhancing their welfare.
table improvement of the animal’s welfare.
right is not only the smart thing to do, it will en- hance animal welfare outcomes and increase the long-term prosperity of the entire Australian chicken meat industry.
and AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program for entrust- ing me with this oppor- tunity.”
“My love of animals is a lifelong one, that only increases with time,” Ms McTavish said.
“I often say I fell into the Australian chicken meat industry and made the quick realisation that I was here to stay, as I had fallen in love with the birds, the people who are working in direct contact with the birds and the en- tire industry.”
“We are all responsible in animal production in- dustries for the welfare of our animals because their lives support ours.”
Speaking of the decision to support Kelly McTav- ish’s Nuffield Scholarship, AgriFutures Australia re- search manager Georgina Townsend said, “Enhanc- ing chicken welfare and improving handling meth- ods is a key focus area for the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program strategy and Kelly’s research pro- posal fits in perfectly with this objective.”
“My interests were sparked when I was given the option to study etholo- gy – the science of animal behaviour – at uni as part of my animal production degree.
Kelly’s passion and drive for the science of enhanced animal welfare outcomes for the animal, and the betterment of the Australian chicken meat industry, has definitely in- creased over time.
Kelly believes the big- gest influence on the wel- fare of animals is people.
“It was in these ethology classes conducted by Dr Judith Blackshaw that I saw what was possible and my passions were ignited!
The Nuffield Schol- arship program was a unique opportunity for Kelly to increase her knowledge base via ac- cess to a network of in- ternational agricultural industries to collaborate with and share knowledge for the furtherance of all agriculture.
Therefore, supporting the people that have direct contact with the animals will have the biggest ef- fect on enhancing animal welfareoutcomes.
“The program looks to build capacity and develop quality stakeholder rela- tionships both in Australia and internationally and supporting Kelly’s Nuffield Scholarship is a great op- portunity to do this.”
“This was when I was introduced to the work- ings of Dr Temple Gran- din and using the science of animal behaviour to improve management practices, production and productivity via the inevi-
“Improving animal wel- fare is my life passion,” she said.
Talking more about the research she will under- take as part of her 2021 Nuffield Scholarship with her key area of focus be- ing enhanced chicken welfare and improved handling methods, Kelly is looking forward to investigating emerging trends and technologies, training programs, meth- ods of engagement and existing systems in use for supporting animal welfare outcomes, then sourcing ways to put those findings into practice in Australia.
Kelly’s research pro- ject for her 2021 Nuf- field Australia Farming Scholarship will investi- gate emerging trends and technologies in farming systems around the world to facilitate enhanced ani- mal welfare outcomes for the long-term prosperity of the Australia’s chicken meat industry.
2021 Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship recipient Kelly McTavish.
“Animal production cannot exist without the synergy of animal health and welfare.
“I want to sincerely thank Nuffield Australia
Find out more about the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program at agrifu tries/chicken-meat/
“My 2021 Nuffield Scholarship is a unique opportunity to access a global network to investi- gate and research existing practices and identify fu- ture trends in animal wel- fare across all agricultural industries in Australia and internationally.
“The aim of my Nuf- field research project is to drive enhanced outcomes on the ground that will improve the sustainabil- ity and prosperity of the Australian chicken meat industry,” Kelly said.
Find out more about Nuffield Australia and read about past scholar- ship recipients at nuffield.
“Getting this synergy
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