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The Seleggt Circulus system is a significant leap forward compared to its preceding system. Photo: EuroTier
Poultry products win silver at EuroTier Innovation Awards
are positioned incorrectly. The freely moving egg cups are backed up for transfer to the hatching trays, unoccupied egg cups are automatically re- moved and the remaining filled egg cups are then transferred automatically to the hatching trays so
THOUGH EuroTier was rescheduled from November to February 2021, the innovation award winners were an- nounced at a virtual pre- view event.
seven silver medals from the 80 innovation entries.
son with the predecessor system.
Show organisers DLG presented eight awards, including one gold and
Two of the silver medals were presented to poultry products – Seleggt Acus for its automatic egg sex- ing system and Nectra SAS for its egg sorting unit.
Non-invasive sampling and the vastly increased hourly capacity have es- tablished the prerequisites for universally replacing the previous culling of male chicks in hatcheries with in-ovo sex determi- nation.
Seleggt Acus sampling system
that no gaps occur.
The system significantly
Egg-laying chicken genotypes are considered unsuitable for producing poultry meat, due to lower product quality and cost effectiveness.
Nectra SAS egg refilling system
reduces the likelihood of damaging the eggshells and automates the hatch- ing tray filling process.
For this reason, the male chicks of these breeds are generally not reared.
The hatching eggs from broiler parent livestock farms are delivered to central hatcheries, where they are sorted according to quality and weight be- fore being placed into the incubator.
This considerably light- ens the workload and leads to an improvement in hatching rates in the broiler chick hatcheries.
The culling of day-old male chicks has become a societal and political is- sue, with a ban on this practice being considered.
In addition, eggs that are not positioned with the blunt end pointing up- wards in the tray have to be turned.
Next year, EuroTier, the world’s leading trade fair for animal produc- tion and EnergyDecentral, the leading international trade fair for innovative energy production, will be held exclusively as a digi- tal version on February 9-12, 2021.
In-ovo sex determina- tion is regarded as an al- ternative, with hormone analysis on the eighth or ninth day of incubation currently being the most extensively developed and commercially useable method.
This leads to a high number of incomplete- filled trays that have to be manually refilled.
The Seleggt Acus sam- pling system, developed by respeggt GmbH for this purpose, is already in practical use.
Often, the eggs are also transported on conveyors where they can come into direct contact with one another, possibly resulting in damaged shells.
An extensive digital technical program on cur- rent topics of international livestock farming will be inviting animal husbandry professionals to the digital trade fair platform over four days to exchange ideas with experts from all over the world, get to know the latest offers from exhibitors and net- work with exhibitors and visitors in a targeted man- ner.
Sampling the test fluid from the allantois using a needle, this system is only partially automated.
In the new system pre- sented by Nectra SAS, the eggs are transferred from the delivery trays to egg moving cups that move freely on a transport con- veyor.
The risk of injuring the allantoic membrane ex- ists, which can lead to a reduction in the hatching rate.
Here, the eggs can be automatically and indi- vidually sorted according to quality and weight and can also be turned if they
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The hourly capacity of a single sampling unit for this system is around 600 eggs.
Page 8 – National Poultry Newspaper, January 2021
In three-shift operation with 20 hours of operation per day, one Seleggt Cir- culus sampling unit there- fore has a weekly capacity of 360,000 hatching eggs, corresponding to 150,000 to 180,000 laying chicks, a significant increase in performance in compari-
The Nectra SAS system handles eggs with great care. Photo: EuroTier
The innovative Seleggt Circulus system is a sig- nificant leap forward compared to the prede- cessor system.
Operating fully auto- matically, the allantoic fluid samples are generat- ed in a non-invasive way.
Cleaning the sampling needles is therefore no longer necessary and the sampling time has been reduced to just one second per egg.

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