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Roosters on a road trip
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cusp of early morning
and call loudly and often he does.
the lawn under the stars. That was a particular- ly historic moment for the station, but 40 years down the track, employ- ment and business oppor- tunities in the pastoral
dreams well before sun- rise, he was also there.
Speaking of other rooster royalty who have enjoyed the Price fam- ily’s hospitality at Cood- ardy, none other than His Royal Highness Prince Charles did just that in 1979 – spending three or four days on the sta- tion horse riding, aerial mustering and going on a mill run.
Problem was he crowed loudly, wanting to play well before the sun rose.
industry are limited. However, with the com- pletion of the vermin proof fence in October 2021, opportunities may
And we didn’t.
So much so that there was talk among the trio of old roosters of him joining us, featherless and headless for our final night’s barbecue.
Les tells me that what he describes as a royal camp was set up near a large granite outcrop about 7km from the homestead.
re-emerge, Les hopes. Though he acknowledg- es it will possibly take several years to clear out or at least control the remaining wild dogs
But we knew Les wouldn’t have a bar of that.
The Coodardy cock knew he ruled the roost and no humans would be- grudge him a good time, no matter the hour.
within the fence. Meanwhile, one very
Turns out this very cocky rooster had been leading the high life with Les at Coordardy after seeing off a few rooster rivals over the years, to dingoes most probably.
Prince Charles also spent time at the main homestead, camping on
mobile rooster continues to rule the roost at Co- ordardy and in Cue.
Whenever we had a beer the Coodardy cock was there, spurred on by his desire to rule the roost no matter who was roosting there.
Over a beer, Les con- fessed that his feathered friend frequently enjoyed a ride in the LandCruiser to visit a few hens in Cue, where he stays for a few nights before Les returns to pick him up when next time he’s in town – perhaps for one of his regular meetings as a Cue Councillor.
Having done his broody business, the rooster happily returns to the more sedate life on the station, where he’s not hen-pecked and he sim- ply preens himself while waiting to greet the next arrivals at the shearers’ quarters he calls home –
While once there were four Coodardy cocks, now there is one.
EST. 1911
470-472 Calder Alternate Hwy, Lockwood South & 60 Stewarts Lane, Lockwood
Located in Lockwood and Lockwood South, set across 2 properties (8km apart) these fully operational RSPCA free range bare bird poultry farms are both easily accessible from the Calder Alternate Highway.
Available on a WIWO, including equipment and fully trained
sta , both lots comprise 3 broiler sheds per farm which each carry approximately 17,250 RSPCA free range chickens (and have the capacity to carry up to 22,600 standard broiler birds). With a strong water right to Farm 1 and bore on Farm 2 both properties include 3 homes and additional shedding.
35 acres / 14 Ha (approx.) Sheds and associated land only
78 acres / 31.5 Ha (approx.) Including home on separate title.
31 acres / 12.60 Ha
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