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New approach to deliver
holistic answers to the
chicken meat industry
THE AgriFutures Chicken Meat Pro- gram Open Tender is now open.
interactions between these elements, and it is hoped that by further unravelling this story, the findings will con- tribute to chickens that are able to optimally develop while continu- ally improving the in- dustry’s impact on the environment.”
manage litter. AgriFutures Chicken
The open tender is a fresh new approach for the AgriFutures Chick- en Meat Program’s re- search, development, and extension invest- ments.
“Understanding the interactions of dietary nutritional composi- tion, the impact on gut health and the inter- nal and external envi- ronments will deliver research, with holis- tic answers to indus- try that result in bet- ter performance from individual birds and the overall flock,” Ms Townsend said.
Meat manager research Annie Lane said, “Con- sortia are encouraged to bring cash contributions, with a budget request for this program of research expected to be up to $1.5 million per year for three years.”
The new approach calls for multi-discipli- nary research teams to collaborate and deliver a three-year program of research, rather than in- dividual projects, with the aim of producing outputs and outcomes that will help industry to deliver a sustainable chicken meat produc- tion system.
“Our preference is for proposals to include both cash and in-kind contributions.
Via the open tender, proposals will be as- sessed by the AgriFu- tures Chicken Meat Advisory Panel, with AgriFutures funding one proposal.
All proposals must ad- dress, at least, the first three key focus areas as listed below that are key objectives of the AgriFutures Australia Chicken Meat Program RD&E Plan 2019-22:
Consortia considering making an application are also encouraged to review past research funded by the Program.
One consortium will be awarded the funding to undertake the pro- gram of research as per the terms of reference.
• Improved nutri- tional management and feed use efficiency
“We’re interested in funding fresh new ide- as that build on this past research and sup- port the program goal of a diet that allows birds to reach their full genetic poten- tial through improved health and welfare, re- ducing the reliance on antibiotics and optimis- ing the shed environ- ment, while mitigating the impact on the exter- nal environment,” Ms Lane said.
It is expected that consortium members will hold their own discussions to pull to- gether the expertise to deliver against the key focus deliverables of the program RD&E Plan 2019-22.
• Improved manage- ment of the internal shed environment
AgriFutures Chicken Meat manager research Georgina Townsend said, “The research will leverage existing knowledge of broiler nutrition, diet composi- tion and feed efficiency – their impact on gut health and interactions with the in-shed and external environment.”
• Management strate- gies for chicken health
• Reducing pathogens before and during pro- cessing
• Enhanced chicken welfare
The Open Tender por- tal is now open and will close on March 4, 2021.
• Determining op- tions to reduce envi- ronmental impacts
Proposal assessment will commence in mid- March 2021.
• Improved manage- ment of chicken pro- duction systems
For more informa- tion, visit agrifutures. open-tender-2020
• Improved options to
“The AgriFutures Chicken Meat Adviso- ry Panel will consider all proposals put in front of it and the mer- its of each,” she said.
“The program of research seeks to un- derstand the complex
Egg packaging market global outlook and forecast 2020-2025
AN in-depth analysis and data-driven insights on the impact of COV- ID-19 are included in this global egg packag- ing market report.
remained affected by the spread of the virus.
The demand for egg car- tons can be majorly at- tributed to the growth in demand and sale volume of eggs in retail stores.
growing countries such as India, China and Aus- tralia during the forecast period.
The global egg packag- ing market by revenue is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 4 percent dur- ing the period 2019-2025, and the market size is pro- jected to reach $3.7 bil- lion by 2025.
The following factors are likely to contribute to the growth of the egg packaging market during the forecast period:
This is because of in- creasing concerns from shoppers in supermarkets and grocery stores for an improvised design for handy packaging solutions.
The majority of egg tray manufacturing is environment-friendly and lightweight, with reduced wastage due to the in- creasing demand for bio- degradable materials.
The industry is majorly driven by the increasing demand for high protein foods across the globe.
The study considers the present scenario of the egg packaging market and its market dynamics for the period 2019−2025.
On a global scale, egg packaging companies have started to invest rigorously in recyclable folding cartons to offer eco-friendly solutions, thereby expecting to tap into a wide array of po- tential consumers across the world.
Highly plastic consum- ing countries such as India, China and South Korea have adopted to use eco-friendly solutions such as biodegradable plastic materials. Insights by vendors
The exponential growth in egg production has driven egg packaging, with consistent demand.
It covers a detailed overview of several mar- ket growth enablers, re- straints, and trends.
The majority of consum- ers across the world have preferred to consume eggs over meat as a safe and inexpensive source of pro- tein, which is expected to boost the global market during the period 2020- 2025.
The report offers both the demand and supply aspects of the market.
The global egg packag- ing market has been high- ly fragmented due to the presence of multinational suppliers as well as re- gional contractors.
The increasing demand for packaging in the food industry across the globe, especially in emerging countries of China, India, Brazil and Indonesia, has aided the growth of the egg packaging market with significant growth in 2019.
Egg packaging market segmentation
• Paper
• Moulded Fibre
• Paperboard
• Plastic
• Polystyrene
• Others
• Segmentation by Prod-
Vendors are trying to improve their mar- ket share by increasing production capacity and launching new products to expand their market base and grow their geographi- cal reach during the fore- cast period.
However, the volatility in raw material costs, par- ticularly in Asia-Pacific, European and North American countries, has led to the fluctuation of packaging material, in- tense competition among manufacturers and in- creasing prohibitory regu- lations over plastic that are expected to restrict the growth and scope of the market.
The increasing concern to ban plastic across the globe is expected to bol- ster the market for paper- based packaging products in the egg industry.
uct Type • Carton • Tray
Brodrene Hartmann AS, Cascades Inc. and Huh- tahmaki are a few of the major market participants.
In the second quarter of 2020, countries across the world were at differ- ent stages in the disease’s progression, with relaxa- tions in restrictions.
Therefore, the demand for alternative materials is expected to surge sig- nificantly across major
• Increasing concerns over health and fitness
• Growing use of recy- clable materials
• Growing meat-free di- ets
Though the scope for innovations in packaging materials is low, several vendors changed their de- signs to attract customers in retail stores across the globe.
The growing concern on the usage of biodegrad- able plastics is encourag- ing vendors in the egg cartons market.
• Mounting production of eggs.
It profiles and examines leading and prominent companies operating in the market.
Segmentation by mate- rial type
The global egg packag- ing market research re- port includes a detailed segmentation by material type, product type and ge- ography.
Several vendors are ac- tively involved in enhanc- ing product designs with suitable paper materials that are highly attractive to customers.
The increasing number of innovations in the pro- duction process and pack- aging units of eggs across emerging markets is ex- pected to drive the growth of the APAC egg packag- ing material market.
Though the growing need for cost efficiency is expected to offer im- mense growth opportuni- ties, the expected increase in the price of paper packaging materials is estimated to restrain the growth of market partici- pants globally.
The consumption of pa- per materials for packag- ing in APAC is predicted to register the highest market share of around 36 percent for moulded fibre- packed eggs in supermar- kets and hypermarkets around the world.
Several manufacturers in the APAC egg industry have started emphasising effective packaging to provide safe and secure packaging solutions.
Insights by geography
Birds culled as a quarter of Japan’s prefectures struck by avian flu
JAPAN officials have ordered more culling after the spread of the worst bird flu out- break on record being found on farms in a quarter of the coun- try’s 47 prefectures.
more infected birds were found on two farms in the region.
ficials, the outbreak in Japan and neighbour- ing South Korea is one of two separate highly pathogenic avian in- fluenza epidemics hit- ting poultry around the world, with both strains circulating in Asia and one spreading rapidly in Europe originating from wild birds.
The agriculture min- istry reported that 32,000 birds were to be slaughtered and buried on discovery of avian influenza at an egg farm in Sukumo City in Kochi prefecture in southwest Japan.
While it is not possi- ble for people to catch avian influenza from eating the eggs or meat of infected chickens, health officials are concerned the virus strain may make a ‘spe- cies jump’ to humans and cause a pandemic similar to the novel coronavirus.
Farms in Japan were ordered to ensure nets to keep wild birds out are properly installed and to disinfect and check hygiene regimes.
The epidemic emerged in Kagawa prefecture in Novem- ber 2020 and almost 30,000 birds have been slaughtered there after
According the Unit- ed Nations Food and Agriculture Organisa- tion and Japanese of-
Japan has a broiler population of 138 mil- lion and an egg-laying flock of about 185 mil- lion hens.
A record 3 million birds have been culled to date and the out- break has hit 12 prefec- tures across Japan.
The majority of poul- try producers across the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic however, the impact var- ies markedly from region to region in 2019 and 2020.
Major countries in APAC, North America and Europe have made several legislations to ban the usage of single-use plastics.
Consumers and farmers in the egg industry have increased their preference over paper-based materi- als.
To make the most of the opportunities, the ma- jority of vendors shifted their focus more on the growth prospects in the fast-growing segments and maintained their posi- tions in the slow-growing segments across the world in 2019.
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On a global scale, APAC and Europe have
The global slump in res- taurant dine-in across the world during the first and second quarters of 2020 has pushed egg packag- ing industries across the regions, with a major de- cline in production and demand.

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